It is time for a new job?

Life is changing and so are your needs for flexibility, compensation, and fulfillment.  Some industries are booming, others seem to be hunkering down. Your paycheck has stayed the same but your expenses have gone way up. 

Does that mean you should be on the job hunt?

It's a big question but you don't need to struggle with this alone. Get the help you need today with this valuable career coaching resource.

Meet Your Career Coach

Becca Carnahan is a mom, author, and CEO of Next Chapter Careers, LLC.

She specializes in helping mid-career parents land fulfilling jobs they love without giving up the flexibility they need. Becca brings 14 years of experience in the career development field both with Harvard Business School and with Next Chapter Careers. She's also mom of two and knows how important fulfillment AND flexibility are to mid-career parents.